Live Music Yoga Class in Bluemont VA, 12/17

I’ll be back on the East Coast for the Holidays, and I’m excited to announce that I’ll be collaborating with Turi at her beautiful Turiya Yoga Wellness studio in Bluemont VA for a live music yoga class and meditation. I’ll be adding the soothing sounds of the bansuri flute, the dholak drum, and bhajan singingContinue reading “Live Music Yoga Class in Bluemont VA, 12/17”

I finished editing my Badlands nature footage

The first video is under two minutes and is a “best of” of the footage I shot in the Badlands during the Spring of 2021. It is set to the music track “Mrs. Robinson” as played my favorite alto sax player, Paul Desmond. I’ve been really loving this track lately and was happy to haveContinue reading “I finished editing my Badlands nature footage”

New nature video, more coming!

I shot this original video of bighorn sheep in the Badlands during May 2022 while I was drifting around in my van, hunting for a new place to call home. I ended up buying a ranch only 2 hours away! I have been visiting and having magical experiences in the Badlands since I was 19Continue reading “New nature video, more coming!”