Travels In India

I have been a devotee of Her Holiness Divine Mother Amma Sri Karunamayi since 1999.  During the Autumns of 2017-2019 I had the great blessing, honor, and opportunity to study and practice with her at her jungle ashram in Andhra Pradesh, India for a month or more at a time.  I count these journies as the most treasured and blessed experiences of my life, absolutely surreal and beyond words.  Amma is an authentic Divine Mother avatar, and to be in her own sphere on the blessed soils of India is incredibly powerful and lifechanging.  While in India I also took the opportunity to visit the very sacred and ancient Arunachala Mountain in Tamil Nadu, home to the ashram of the late, great, saint Ramana Maharshi.  Below are pictures from these blessed and happy journies.  I hope to return to India to join Amma every Fall if grace allows and continue to augment this album and my soul. I encourage sharing of all my content. To share this entire page, you can use the links at the bottom, but feel free to control click an image to download it and share however you please. I only ask that you give me credit and provide a link to this website.

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