I finished editing my Badlands nature footage

The first video is under two minutes and is a “best of” of the footage I shot in the Badlands during the Spring of 2021. It is set to the music track “Mrs. Robinson” as played my favorite alto sax player, Paul Desmond. I’ve been really loving this track lately and was happy to have a chance to share it in this video.

The second video is just over eight minutes and is a more thorough edit of my Badlands footage, featuring more animals and an original music track. I actually recorded the track just after I shot the footage while staying at my friend Rene’s house in Custer SD, intending to pair the two. It is a recording of the ancient and sacred Gayatri mantra from the Vedic tradition. It makes sense to me pair sacred music with wildlife photography; I view Nature and her creatures as the face of God.

Published by mateomonk

I am a musican, poet, mystic, and nature lover who fled the east coast in 2020 to a ranch in Sundance Wyoming. I basically walked away from everything to live the life I want to live, cherishing the natural world, living close to Nature, diving deep into my soul, and expressing the journey through art and music. I will make my stand in God's country as the world turns to hell around me. The way out, is in.

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