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So, what’s with the White Wolf?

So, what’s with the White Wolf?

I’ve spent all of my adult life following the two intertwined paths of musical expression and yoga/meditation.  As for the music, I’ve had a reasonably successful and varied career.  I moved many hearts, put out three albums, and played many big festival and theater stages.

I played many years in all-African reggae bands (besides me) in African clubs.  I had a record deal in Europe and toured all of France, and played a major festival in Istanbul Turkey as well. I had the pleasure of recording and performing with many greats and heros. I could drop names and list accolades, but what’s the point now?  I’ve walked away from professional music to pursue my yogic path more deeply and to develop other creative aspects of my soul outside the professional, capitalistic, paradigm.  I no longer have the heart to commodify my creativity, to brand and sell it.  I feel that doing so stifles art and limits it from attaining to it’s highest capacity and greatest power.  I know I have more to offer the world, but in order to give it, I must first step away.  And so I’ve left the nauseating hustle of the east coast to dwell quietly in solitude on a small ranch in Wyoming at the edge of the sacred Black Hills. Where things will go from here, God only knows.

As for the entwined path of yoga/meditation, it has been an equally, if not more so, varied and fruitful journey.  I’ve been doing yogic sadhana and meditation for 29 years.  In 1999 I met Her Holiness Amma Sri Karunamayi, an avatar of Divine Mother, and have been her devotee ever since.  She has guided and shaped my inner life, a process that continues to this day.  For three consecutive winters I have gone on retreat at her jungle ashram in Andhra Pradesh, India, coupling each trip with a separate pilgrimage to the ancient and sacred Arunachala Mountain in Tamil Nadu, home to the ashram of Sri Ramana Maharshi.  I believe these journies perhaps accelerated the unfolding of my soul more than all my years of prior practice.  Words cannot describe the miracles and wonder I have witnessed in India.  Throughout all my life I have been prone to visions and extraordinary mystical experiences.  The most frequent and common of these involves the White Wolf, the theme of this website.  

In short, wolves come to me in my meditations and dreams.  They stare into my eyes.  The pack surrounds me.  I hear their howls.  I see white wolves, black wolves, and even recently witnessed a radiant golden wolf, however it is the White Wolf that has been the most persistent and generous towards me.  Many indigenous cultures and spiritual traditions believe that humans are not the only species on Earth capable of attaining enlightenment.  Wolves, tortoises, foxes, and even cows are among the animals commonly believed to have the capacity to develop higher spiritual faculties and awareness.  Some or perhaps all beings, human or animal, that attain to full Self-Realization, decisively breaking the wheel of Samsara and exhausting their earthly karma, become ascended masters truly limitless in their capacities.  Some of these ascended masters continue to dwell among us, though most often on a different energetic plain, bonded by love and compassion to guide and protect the evolution of humanity.  It is my belief that there is a mystical pack of ancient, ascended master, wolves amongst us here on Earth, and that the White Wolf is the Alpha and pack leader.  In my beliefs there is no essential difference between this wolf, Christ, or Lord Shiva.  All is one.

Yes, perhaps I’m a little crazy, or perhaps not.  Regardless, my life is filled with meaning and purpose, I feel deeply connected to Nature and Spirit, and I continue to create moving, relevant, and lasting works of art.  Before you write me off as a nut, please browse through my music, poetry, photography, and videos and then reevaluate that judgment. I enjoy being me and do not wish to walk in any other’s shoes.  As Elvis sang, I do things “My Way”. 

Currently I am not inclined to sell any merchandise, though purchasing my albums via iTunes or Amazon, or streaming my albums as much as possible on Spotify will be greatly helpful.  As well, any donations to support my cause and journey will be greatly appreciated.  Thank you. paypal.me/MateoMonk

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