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In the Spring of 2020, I sold my home, walked away from my career, and took up the nomadic life as a van dweller, seeking a deeper connection to the natural world, greater fulfillment, and to extricate myself from the daunting and snowballing folly of the “civilized” world. In short, I heard the call of the Wild and answered it, or to be more specific, I heard the howl of the sacred White Wolf in my heart and dropped everything to follow his lead into the mysteries within, and to continually abide in his holy presence amongst temples of trees, monasteries of mountains, and wildernesses of wonder. I choose the independent, simple, self-reliant, organic, life in balance with Nature, and I reject the automated, heavily medicated, online, digital life that employs flawed sciences fueled by human hubris to subvert and override Nature, and that is insidiously taking over human consciousness, existence, and liberty. Here I part ways with the march of “progress” and extricate myself from its deathly web of lies, seeking only to ride out my remaining years close to and part of what I love the most: the beauty and balance Nature.

After a full year of wandering around the west, through the grace of God, I was able to purchase a small ranch at the edge of the sacred Black Hills in Sundance, Wyoming. I have been coming out to this area on roadtrips for most of my life, and it is here that I truly feel at home. I have the entire Black Hills National Forest at my disposal and I am only thirty minutes from Devil’s Tower, not to mention the other areas of legendary, majestic beauty in my state such as Yellowstone N.P., the Grand Tetons N.P., the Bighorn mountains, and the Wind River range within a few hours drive. My ranch itself is a tranquil slice of heaven teeming with wildlife that is part of a vast prairie at the foot of the sacred Inyan Kara Mountain. Throughout my entire western horizon there is not a single sign of Man, but for a herd of cattle that come and go. I have found my true home and I intend to dwell here all the rest of my days, although I will continue wander and travel as inspired.

I participate in no social media, which I’ve come to believe is essentially evil. I will not participate in any platform that does not respect privacy and unlimited free speech, and that clutters our mind with an endless stream of distraction, manipulation, propaganda, and misinformation. Therefore, this website is the sole online home for all of my creative output and musings. Yet, alas, the timeless axiom “out of sight, out of mind” holds true, and I understand that in the modern world people do not often check independent websites, choosing rather to spend their time in the ego-rewarding, endorphin-spiking, interaction of social media. Therefore I put out a seasonal e-newsletter called “The Howl Of The White Wolf”, compiling the “best of” each season’s output and experiences. Please sign up for the newsletter HERE. I do encourage those of you who still use social media to share any of my content that moves your heart. Since I will not be marketing this site, it is only your shares that will draw in new eyes and ears.

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