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Welcome to the Howl Of The White Wolf, the one-stop shop for all of the creative offerings of musician, poet, and mystic Mateo Monk. This website is my only online presence, as I refuse to participate in the manipulative, divisive, and distracting climate of social media platforms.

Please browse around, hear some music, read some blog posts and poems, watch some vids, drop me a line, and join my mailing list! I also encourage you to bookmark this site and check back from time to time. I’m always updating with fresh creations. Thanks for visiting!

Most recent blog entries:
  • A Sunday at the rodeo!
    Now this WAS my first rodeo. It was part of the Wyoming Youth Rodeo league and hosted by my friend JW and his family right here in Sundance. I think it’s amazing how they teach kids horsemanship and ranch skills at such a young age. What a great community and completely wholesome event!
  • Catch Me While You Can!
    I’m currently in the DC area performing music. Tonight I am performing at the MoonShadow Cafe in Deep Creek MD. I go on at 10pm! Check flyer below for more dates!
  • A Day In My New Life
    I started the day well-rested, but with a light kratom hangover.  I recalled dreams about falling in love together with a spunky brunette, the success of which was somehow tied to my choosing the right fishing kayak.  Uncharacteristically, I wasted no time this morning and did the right things in the right order.  I jumpedContinue reading “A Day In My New Life”
  • Wyoming Rodeo Life
    As a newcomer to Wyoming from the East Coast, it’s been kind of eye-opeing to see just how real and ubiquitous rodeo life is in Wyoming, or “rodeoin’” as they say.  I thought it was just something a few cowboys still did for tourists, but boy was I wrong.  It seems to be just whatContinue reading “Wyoming Rodeo Life”
  • Finding my flow in Florida…
    Since my last entry, I’ve finally settled into a deep, relaxed, vacation mode. It always takes nearly a week to be able to fully shift gears from our more purposeful and trying regular life to the full, relaxed swagger of island time, at least for me. Then suddenly it hits you and you know you’reContinue reading “Finding my flow in Florida…”
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