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Welcome to the Howl Of The White Wolf, the one-stop shop for all of the creative offerings of musician, poet, and mystic Mateo Monk. This website is my only online presence, as I refuse to participate in the manipulative, divisive, and distracting climate of social media platforms.

Please browse around, hear some music, read some blog posts and poems, watch some vids, drop me a line, and join my mailing list! I also encourage you to bookmark this site and check back from time to time. I’m always updating with fresh creations. Thanks for visiting!

Most recent blog entries:
  • I finished editing my Badlands nature footage
    The first video is under two minutes and is a “best of” of the footage I shot in the Badlands during the Spring of 2021. It is set to the music track “Mrs. Robinson” as played my favorite alto sax player, Paul Desmond. I’ve been really loving this track lately and was happy to haveContinue reading “I finished editing my Badlands nature footage”
  • Another original nature video…
    I shot this footage in the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming during the Spring of 2021 while I was waiting to close on my new home. I live only two and a half away from these mountains, which is of my favorite places to camp in Wyoming. Enjoy!
  • New nature video, more coming!
    I shot this original video of bighorn sheep in the Badlands during May 2022 while I was drifting around in my van, hunting for a new place to call home. I ended up buying a ranch only 2 hours away! I have been visiting and having magical experiences in the Badlands since I was 19Continue reading “New nature video, more coming!”
  • Horse life accelerating!
    I’ve become fully convinced that the universe wants me keeping and riding horses. When I moved out to Wyoming last August, I had no intention whatsoever of owning horses; it was not a dream of mine. It was something I was interested in, but figured if I ever got into horse culture, it would beContinue reading “Horse life accelerating!”
  • A Sunday at the rodeo!
    Now this WAS my first rodeo. It was part of the Wyoming Youth Rodeo league and hosted by my friend JW and his family right here in Sundance. I think it’s amazing how they teach kids horsemanship and ranch skills at such a young age. What a great community and completely wholesome event!
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