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The whole reason I built this website is to provide a home for all my creative content so that I can be rid of social media forever and for good. However, I realize that people don’t often visit independent websites, therefore I am putting out a monthly e-newsletter containing the newest and “best of” each month’s creative content and contemplations. So those of you who have any interest in my creativity, insights, and my unfolding quest, I encourage you to sign up below for the newsletter. I promise to only put out one mailing a month, free of annoying marketing, and that the content will be almost entirely non-political except for perhaps a blog post or two during the most urgent and critical of times. You may unsubscribe at anytime via a link in the e-newsletter. I want this site and its newsletter to be inclusive and heart-based, not divisive and political. You all still have social media for that!

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