Bansuri Improvisation In the Grand Canyon

This was a longer video I wasn’t able to upload until now. I had found a nice, natural, overhang shieled from the wind (mostly) and with good acoustics along an ancient path to a natural spring. Animals and humans have used the path for thousands of years to access precious water in an otherwise aridContinue reading “Bansuri Improvisation In the Grand Canyon”

A beautiful expression of faith, hope, and love

I saw the most beautiful, thougtful, humble, and sincere expression of faith, hope, and love while driving down the highway today through the Navajo nation: eight signs (below) in sequence.  I was not only deeply touched by the message, but by the genuine effort involved.  Not only did this blessed soul feel these things inContinue reading “A beautiful expression of faith, hope, and love”

Cowboys, Pistols, & Hemp

After exploring the wild northwest corner of Montana, I followed a suggestion and proceeded down to just south of Salmon Idaho, to visit the natural Goldbug Springs in Elk Bend.  I was also curious about the area after reading about it in the book “This Land: How Cowboys, Capitalism, and Corruption Are Ruining The AmericanContinue reading “Cowboys, Pistols, & Hemp”

Searching for apex predators and flyfishing in the smoke

My plans to head over to the Oregon Coast and down to Mt Shasta got derailed due to all the wildfires.  So I spent several days in the Kootenai National Forest in the remote northwest corner of Montana, home to grizzlies, wolves, and cougars… none of which I was able to see, although I didContinue reading “Searching for apex predators and flyfishing in the smoke”

Fishing And Paddling In Montana

I started exploring Montana just before Labor Day weekend and soon found a serene and picturesque lake in the Flathead National Forest, Holland Lake. I appreciated how, unlike so many other lakes, this lake did not have wealthy lake houses all along its shoreline. It was a completely natural setting, apart from a humble lodgeContinue reading “Fishing And Paddling In Montana”