Some neat finds in the Badlands

Dead buffalo everywhere! Well, only three actually. Yesterday I went on a long walk through the Badlands while chanting my 11 Rudrams for the day. I saw many bison and prairie dogs, a porcupine, a herd of mule deer, a nighthawk, two magpies, and many western meadowlarks. I also found 3 buffalo skeletons, but onlyContinue reading “Some neat finds in the Badlands”

An Ordeal Atop The Enchanted Mesa

I was caught in a bit of a predicament to start out my western adventure this year.  After dropping through my folk’s house in Pennsylvania to grab a few supplies, I beelined it straight to one of my favorite spots in the world, Sheep Mountain in Badlands National Park, South Dakota.  This is the sameContinue reading “An Ordeal Atop The Enchanted Mesa”

Serenading a transfixed alligator on the bansuri.

I know I’ve written a lot about alligators already, but that should only be further testimony of how much I’ve enjoyed my time among them fishing together.  I’ve really come to believe that alligators are on a similar level of intelligence and communication capacities as dogs.  In the past month I’ve really learned how toContinue reading “Serenading a transfixed alligator on the bansuri.”

Three new flute meditations w/ wildlife footage, played on Easter 2021 in the Everglades.

I wanted to do something special on Easter, both for spiritual devotional purposes, but also to give back to Nature for all the beauty and wondrous experiences I’ve absorbed during the past month in the Everglades.  This was my third day in a row returning to the same spot.  I had spent the past twoContinue reading “Three new flute meditations w/ wildlife footage, played on Easter 2021 in the Everglades.”

Good Friday gator fishin’ in the Glades

I found a tranquil spot in the Everglades where the oscar fish were hitting on nearly every cast.  Oscars aren’t too big, but pound for pound they are great fighters, and a few in a pan makes a filling and tasty meal.  There was a dock jutting out into a pond that was filled withContinue reading “Good Friday gator fishin’ in the Glades”

Fun footage of fishing amongst aggressive gators trying to steal my fish!

In the Everglades of Florida, the more fish you catch, the more you draw gators. They try to steal them off your line, and the more they succeed, the more aggressive they get until they work themselves into a feeding frenzy. This particular spot is way back in the woods and seldom fished. I couldContinue reading “Fun footage of fishing amongst aggressive gators trying to steal my fish!”