WHD – The Alpha & The Omega

10/07/21 My relationship continues to evolve with the eight horses I have access to on a daily basis, my neighbor’s herd of four (three geldings and a mare), the four grazing on my land (1 gelding and three mares). An interesting an unexpected lesson that the alpha’s of each herd taught me recently, is thatContinue reading “WHD – The Alpha & The Omega”

WHD – A Tale Of Two Herds

It fascinates how much depth there is in getting to know horses, how many layers. Not having spent much time around horses, at first I was getting to know the general nature and temperament of the animal, how they communicate, what they do and don’t like. Then I discovered what it’s like to establish familiarityContinue reading “WHD – A Tale Of Two Herds”

What I’ve Been Up To All Summer…

…and why I’ve been out of touch. For those of you who want the TLDR version, in short, I bought a 40 acre ranch in North Eastern Wyoming, right on the edge of the Black Hills, half an hour from Devil’s Tower.  The ranch has no covenants, meaning I can do whatever I want, andContinue reading “What I’ve Been Up To All Summer…”

An epic first day in the Black Hills: rock climbing, fishing, live music, and getting silly with friends old and new.

After 12 days of cold and solitude fasting my senses in the Badlands, I arrived at my friend “Ranger Rene’s” house in Custer, SD late Thursday afternoon.  I went to highschool with Rene, she was a fellow deadhead and best friend of my highschool crush.   She’s been living out here for twenty-some years workingContinue reading “An epic first day in the Black Hills: rock climbing, fishing, live music, and getting silly with friends old and new.”

More wildlife pictures from the Badlands

I’ve really been enjoying searching for wildlife in the Badlands and shooting pics and filming footage. I’ve been getting some great footage which I’m saving to present in my next music video. Starting Thursday I’m gonna camp in my friends driveway for a few days and take advantage of her electricty and wifi to putContinue reading “More wildlife pictures from the Badlands”

Had a great day filming wildlife and got some nice pics!

I had a wonderful day spending time with wildlife while shooting footage for my next music video, and I shot a few still pics while I was at it. I was super excited to get the coyote shots. They are more elusive than the other animals, seen more infrequently and usually at a great distance.  IContinue reading “Had a great day filming wildlife and got some nice pics!”