Florida Journal – Turning A Corner

I’ll be honest about this “writing project”. Even I’m boring myself with these journal entries so far and I don’t really enjoy being the main character of my musings. I’m as human as anyone else. I have my highs and lows, my hopes and struggles. If there is anything unique about my journey, it mightContinue reading “Florida Journal – Turning A Corner”

Florida Day 5 – Birthday Bass

Yesterday afternoon, after my morning adventure to Marco Island, I headed back to my camground in the swamps and decided to spend the mid afternoon bass fishing the canals that cut through the glades. There’s little else I enjoy more. It’s so quiet and mysterious back there, the senses are constantly delighted by the sightsContinue reading “Florida Day 5 – Birthday Bass”

I have deleted all of my content from YouTube and moved to Rumble…

Find my new Rumble Channel here, and PLEASE subscribe! This above video is my last post on YouTube, and my last interaction with the Google/Youtube corporation. I will no longer tolerate YouTube’s brazen suppression of free expression and manipulation of information, motivated by it’s extreme political bias and the role it plays in innovating theContinue reading “I have deleted all of my content from YouTube and moved to Rumble…”