Buckman And Bighorn!

One of the main reasons I’m taking a break from music is to be able to direct more time and energy to writing. I’ve always felt my life will never be complete without writing a few novels. Despite what some may expect, I don’t want to write ultra deep, philosophical prose. I’ve always been a huge fan of Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie stories, lighter-toned mysterious that hold human nature under a magnifying glass with interesting plot twists. One of the first friends I’ve made out here in the West is this dude William Buckman. He was born and raised in Sundance, Wyoming, served as a park cop for several years, and now is a climbing guide at Devil’s Tower. I just thought he had a really classic western name, and is a pretty classic western dude himself, and then we realized that it pairs hilarioulsy with my new moniker, “Bighorn”. And thus an idea was born. I’m totally for real. I’m gonna get started writing classic, pulp-fiction, western, adventure/mystery novels. Get ready for the continuing tales of Buckman and Bighorn! Cover design by yours truly.

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