Everyone Needs To Listen To This…

…interview with Dr. Robert Malone, the INVENTOR of mRNA technology. I’m trying to keep this site as non-political as possible, however, this video isn’t political at all, but it does address many grave and concerning aspects about this neverending pandemic, and the foolishness, if not outright malevolence, of the way it’s being handled. If you value health and liberty, take the time to hear this man’s words. Share as wide as possible.

Published by mateomonk

I am a musican, poet, mystic, and nature lover who fled the east coast in 2020 to a ranch in Sundance Wyoming. I basically walked away from everything to live the life I want to live, cherishing the natural world, living close to Nature, diving deep into my soul, and expressing the journey through art and music. I will make my stand in God's country as the world turns to hell around me. The way out, is in.

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