Some neat finds in the Badlands

Dead buffalo everywhere! Well, only three actually. Yesterday I went on a long walk through the Badlands while chanting my 11 Rudrams for the day. I saw many bison and prairie dogs, a porcupine, a herd of mule deer, a nighthawk, two magpies, and many western meadowlarks. I also found 3 buffalo skeletons, but only one of them still had a skull. I imagine hikers took the other two skulls. I was tempted to keep the one I found, but I was many miles from camp and it was heavy and pretty fresh, still reeking strongly of death. I did keep the one small horn it had though as well as a tooth. Today the weather is much nicer and I look forward to venturing out again, this time with my tripod to try filming wildlife for my next video. Who knows what I’ll find. The Badlands are always full of mystery and surprises.

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I am a musican, poet, mystic, and nature lover who fled the east coast in 2020 to a ranch in Sundance Wyoming. I basically walked away from everything to live the life I want to live, cherishing the natural world, living close to Nature, diving deep into my soul, and expressing the journey through art and music. I will make my stand in God's country as the world turns to hell around me. The way out, is in.

2 thoughts on “Some neat finds in the Badlands

  1. Anita Miller here …Yve’s wedding is days away…I texted her asking “Is Mateo coming?” She indicated some distancing over Trumpy politics and Alex. Nuf said. I never had difficulty “hearing” you! I am missing you …and wish you were here…but so happy you are in a place you feel inspired and I found you with a search… (I am not FB friendly )As for you…A lovely place to land! I am tempted to move back west but I must stand my ground here. The majority of people do not understand basic science (a bizarre, profit-driven objective keeping U.S.schools collectively ranking 37th in the world) and since the daily suicides by small farmers far exceeds that of combat veterans, I feel moved to educate and help in science and permaculture, use my palm reading gifts, and try to balance “my crazy” with the “world crazy.”
    In the last 3 years, I discovered all my auto-immune diseases have been caused by EBV (Epstein-Barr Virus) infection. I was able to “clear” almost all the virus plus the mutant zombie half-human half-virus white blood cells it creates. I was strong and doing well. , I was alarmed when I learned early reports CoVid19 does the same thing to T-cells that EBV does to B cells. Also being in the same family as HIV, I was worried about rapidity of mutation. I was infected back before the announcement of Covid in December 2019. Remember Nino from Ceritano’s in Blacksburg? He visited me from Italy, to meet his GF, sick, coughing, doctor had said bronchitis. I got CoVid 2.5 weeks later. For you, a hug as big as universe!!! We all must be our own gurus; the time has come. Anita


  2. Hi Anita! So nice to hear from you. Did Yve get married already, or is there still time to back out, haha? Alex’s issue with me may be my politics, but I want to be real clear, my issue with him is his inability to have a decent, rational discussion without becoming an obnoxious, bullying, asshole. I don’t know how he went from a happy-go-lucky festival promoter to a hatred-spewing political pundit. All he knows how to do is employ ad-hominem attacks and try to shame people into acquiescing to his beliefs. I’ve encountered it personally several times, but have also witnessed many more times back when I was on Fakebook. I have no time for that and there’s no excuse for it. I don’t divide people based on their politics, just on their character and actions. Not to offend, but I believe Yve would be better off without him. He is a hypocrite of the first order.

    I relate to your willingness to stay on the East Coast and fight the good fight, but I feel I already did that for the best years of my adult life and it earned me nothing but bitterness and scorn. I relate very much to the Bible passage, “If anyone will not welcome you or listen to your words, leave that home or town and shake the dust off your feet. Truly I tell you, it will be more bearable for Sodom and Gomorrah on the day of judgment than for that town.” I got to the point where I simply could not bear being on the East Coast a day longer. I’ve turned my back on that region for good and given enough of my life energy trying to wake people from their apathy, smugness, and materialism. I’m never coming back.

    Life is so peaceful out here. There is no talk of masks or vaccines. My entire county has zero traffic lights. There is zero traffic and zero stress, and the people are as genuine and kind as it gets. Additionally, I am surrounded by the unblemished majesty of Nature on all sides. I still plan to record and tour, however I want to seek out better markets where I am better appreciated, where there is more authentic culture, and greater appreciation/support for the arts.

    I too am interested in permacutlure these days, and over time want to turn my ranch into a sustainable paradise, a place of refuge for all world weary souls including animals. By next summer I should have a yurt and a tipi up, as well as an outdoor kitchen and shower for guests.

    I didn’t realize you’ve been plagued with autoimmune disorders. I though I once was too, but mine turned out to be reactions to unseen mold, which I am very sensitive to to this day. I’d be very wary of the vaxx if I were you in that regard, but you’re the scientist and certainly have the FREEDOM to make your own informed decisions regarding your own health, which is something the latest puppet administration seems hell bent on taking away from all of us. I always err on the side of freedom.

    Thank you so much for reaching out! I miss you too. Stay in touch, and please visit if you ever make it out back West!

    Much love, Mateo


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